130 years of diamond research, all packaged in verification technology.

By accelerating innovation across all areas of the industry, we’re pioneering a new De Beers and diamond world.

We collaborate with an array of organisations, including trade associations, gemmological laboratories, and some of the most innovative universities research teams.

Leading the diamond industry

Through applied science and leading research, we deliver technological advancement and drive innovative products and services, whilst the pursuit and application of our diamond knowledge helps to further develop the diamond industry.
Along with research, the development of our technological solutions tackles challenges across the diamond value chain, and ensures traceability and provenance of natural diamonds.

 A diamond is forever

Verification protects a natural diamond’s enduring strength and value throughout its entire life and beyond. We do this to safeguard the integrity of a natural diamond, and to preserve our natural world.

Our verification team of researchers, scientists and engineers work together to develop new methods for sorting and verifying diamonds across all of our operations. We provide sustainable technology solutions and produce diamond verification technology that accurately and rapidly differentiates natural diamonds from synthetic-diamond material and diamond simulants.


A world leader in diamond screening and verification

Using our diamond screening instruments, you can ensure integrity across the diamond jewellery supply chain, and ultimately protect consumer confidence in your diamond products and services.

Our technology solutions ensure accuracy, efficiency and integrity of the diamond pipeline. Through continued research, development and innovation, Ignite produces advanced verification technology, enabling clients to accurately screen, differentiate and verify loose diamonds and mounted jewellery.


Our Assure tested diamond verification portfolio comprises a suite of instruments which, when used in combination, can differentiate natural diamonds from synthetic-diamond material and diamond simulants, avoiding extensive time-consuming laboratory testing.

Our team of diamond and technology experts are available for instrument demonstrations and discussions about your diamond screening requirements.

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Our diamond and technology experts are available for instrument sales, demos and discussions regarding your diamond verification requirements.