Diamond research at De Beers Group

The research team encompasses a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, from geology and gemmology to physics and materials science.

What positions us to be the industry leaders in diamond research?

Our scientists and technicians investigate the origins, formation, and properties of all diamonds, shedding light on their characteristics, structures and the processes that shape their existence. We then apply this knowledge to develop technology-driven solutions for De Beers Group and the wider diamond industry.
The research team collaborate with scientists at Element Six, a branch of De Beers Group that is focussed on developing synthetic diamond materials for technical applications. Element Six are acknowledged leaders in diamond synthesis.
We work closely with our De Beers Group colleagues at Element Six to advance our understanding and knowledge of synthetic diamonds. This in turn allows us to translate any potential detection challenges into new verification technologies and processes, in conjunction with our development, production and commercial teams.
The team also supports the Institute of Diamonds which offers diamond grading, verification and screening services, as well as educational courses for the wider industry.

We have several key partnerships and collaborations, both within industry and academia.

To stay open to new ideas and develop new methods, we fund research studentships at UK universities,sponsoring postgraduate research (PhD/MSc) to pursue new research avenues, answer key questions and to develop future diamond research talent.

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