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Support for Diamond Verification Instruments

General FAQs

All the instruments come with a one-year parts and service warranty.
Yes, manuals and quick user guides are provided for each instrument.
Technical support can be offered from the UK by phone, email, or web conferencing tools. We also have a team based in India, to whom you may be referred.
Yes, all the instruments are CE marked; details of compliance to specific international standards can be found on the individual certificates of conformity, which are available upon request.
Yes, they are, and this is declared on the declaration of conformity.
Yes, all instruments are FCC compliant.

Instrument Support FAQs


SynthDetect requires calibration approximately every 30 days. The software will notify you when a calibration check is due. If the calibration expires, it is still possible to operate the machine.
This error can occur if the instrument is powered down with the application still running. Please contact technical support at techsupport@debeersgroup.com and provide the TeamViewer ID. This can then be rectified by the support team.


A calibration sample is supplied with each AMS2 machine. The calibration sample is marked with the serial number of its associated AMS2 machine, and the sample should be kept in a safe place. The sample should also be stored in the bag it is supplied in to ensure it is kept clean.

The calibration operation is simple and on-screen instructions are displayed on the AMS2 touch screen that will guide the user through the process. Select Tools>Options>Calibration Wizard to start the process.

The AMS2 machine requires calibration every 30 days. When the current calibration has fewer than five days remaining, the machine will notify you every time you start a screening run. A new calibration should be completed within this time. If the calibration expires, it will not be possible to use the machine until a calibration is completed.

The AMS2 requires the temperature and humidity levels to be within the following range:
humidity: 45-65 per cent; temperature: 15-28 degrees. The machine monitors these levels before and during a screening run and warns the user if these are not within specification. If the humidity drops below 45 per cent, the machine may not handle the diamonds being screened as well as it should. This is due to a build-up of electrostatic charge.

Humidity can generally be controlled through air-conditioning. If it is not possible to get the humidity levels within limits, an optional integrated humidifier accessory is available and can be purchased through De Beers Group Ignite.

After prolonged use, the foam rollers used in the AMS2 device may degrade and break apart. This may result in small pieces of foam being found on the disc and in the dispense bits. A spare set of rollers for the hopper are supplied with the instrument. If the issue persists then contact the technical support team and they can direct you to the best course of action. If for any reason you need to return the AMS2 unit for repair, please ensure this is packed and sent back in the original shipping case. This will protect the instrument and reduce the possibility of any further issues or damage


This message appears if the calibration arm is not in place during start up or the factory calibration data doesn’t match the field data. Ensure the calibration arm is in place and press the left-hand button again.
The DiamondSure makes a measurement of the light returned from the diamond under test and can detect the presence of strong overhead lighting. Either move the DiamondSure away from direct overhead lighting or move the light source if possible.
The instrument performance may not necessarily be impaired. The unit should only be returned for servicing if the referral rate for natural diamonds is noticeably high, or the unit fails to initialise.
Carry out the following in sequence. Check the fibre tip is not below the white plastic disc (if it is, adjust the height). Clean the end of the fibre with alcohol (IPA) only. Replace lamp and realign. Replace fibre. Return to the manufacturer if these actions do not remedy the problem. There are several errors that may appear on initialisation. If you see any of these please make a note of the error number and consult the operator manual. You may then need to contact technical support.

DiamondView Zoom

After prolonged use, the UV filter may degrade and allow visible light to bleed through, this is then seen in the image. To resolve this issue, the filter needs to be replaced. This is a field upgradeable part and can be carried out by the customer. Instructions on how to do this are in the operator manual and the tech support team can assist with this procedure.
This may be due to an issue with the door spring, please contact technical support.
Please contact technical support for advice on the camera image.


This message may be displayed if the table of the diamond under test is not in contact with the fibre optic probe. Ensure the stone is securely attached to the holder before immersion in the liquid nitrogen.
It can sometimes take a few seconds for large diamonds to reach the correct temperature. Try to wait a few seconds after immersion before making a measurement.

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