De Beers to launch retail-counter diamond verification instrument to support consumer confidence

31 May 2024

Retail-facing device has a consumer-friendly design to support understanding of differences between natural diamonds and LGDs

De Beers Group today unveiled its newest diamond verification instrument at the JCK trade show in Las Vegas, which will bring its leading synthetic diamond detection technology to the retail counter for the first time and support consumer confidence through detecting the differences between natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds (LGDs).

The device rapidly screens both loose diamonds and diamonds set in jewellery and has a zero per cent ‘false positive rate’, meaning it will never pass an LGD as a natural diamond. Results are delivered within seconds and the device has been priced to be affordable for retailers, recognising the important role it is expected to play in supporting reputation and sales activities.


31 May 2024

With research showing that almost half of consumers are unaware that every LGD can be readily detected, the device represents the latest innovation in De Beers Group’s more than two decades of leadership in synthetic diamond detection technology to help underpin the integrity of natural diamonds.

The new device has been designed for use at both the retail counter to support the sales process or in the back office for inventory checking purposes. A high-quality digital screen enables consumers to easily see the differences between natural diamonds and LGDs in real time, and the screen can also be used to play promotional or educational videos to support the sales process.

Sandrine Conseiller, CEO of De Beers Brands, said: “Buying a diamond is one of the most emotionally significant purchases a person will make so it’s essential that consumers have assurance that their purchase is authentic and represents the value they expect. With many consumers being unaware that every LGD can be readily and reliably detected due to growth structures that are different from natural diamonds, we hope this new device will be a valuable tool for retailers to help their customers make informed purchase decisions. As the retail prices between natural diamonds and LGDs continue to diverge, it’s increasingly important that consumers can be confident in the integrity of their natural diamond purchase.”

Sarandos Gouvelis, Senior Vice President – Pricing, Product and Technology Development, said: “We’re delighted to launch this latest diamond verification instrument, following the launch of the AMSMicro device earlier this year, adding to our suite of synthetic diamond detection devices to help support trade and consumer confidence. The new device has been purposefully created as a tool for retail businesses striving to build trust, reassure their customers and highlight the inherent value of natural diamonds as an identifiable treasure a billion years in the making. It seamlessly blends into the store environment, bringing the reassuring results of laboratory testing to the retail counter and providing the ability to instil confidence at the opportune moment – just as a client considers their diamond purchase.”

The first batch of devices will be ready for distribution later this year, with after-sales support and servicing available within the US. Production will further ramp up to service US jewellery retailers at scale. For more information, email

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