Diamond Conference Showcase


Colleagues from the UK-based research team attended the 73rd annual Diamond Research Conference at the University of Warwick, 10 to 13 July of 2023.

The event is sponsored by De Beers and is a great opportunity to present and share the work that De Beers Group Verification’s Research Team has been working on and to engage with other diamond research groups. 

University of Warwick
Laura Speich - Research Scientist: High Resolution Raman Mapping of Type II Diamonds
dr nick davies talking to visitors about the Beating heart diamond
Dr Nick Davies Talking to Visitors About the Beating Heart Diamond

The conference started on a Monday evening with an invited lecture from Mike Curtis, De Beers Group, on ‘Technological challenges and solutions for the marine mining of diamond’. The next three days covered areas such as Devices and Applications, Natural Diamond and Geology, Synthesis and Applications, Surface Chemistry, Gem Diamond, Defects and Spectroscopy and Quantum Technology.

Laura Speich, Research Scientist, gave a talk on ‘High resolution Raman mapping of type II diamonds’ with Nick Davies and Samantha Sibley presenting posters entitled ‘Characterisation of commercially available CVD Laboratory-grown diamond’ and ‘Diamond within Diamond: An analysis of the Beating Heart diamond’ respectively.

The conference included four invited lectures, 33 presentations and 37 posters.

Samantha Sibley - Characterisation of Commercially Available CVD Laboratory-Grown Diamonds
Diamond Within a Diamond - an analysis of the Beating Heart Diamond

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